City Farm Project Team at class room A promotional video was already under production, so we determined that City Farm could use a video to provide volunteers with the information that they need in order to have a successful experience at the farm.

Often, volunteers don't arrive at the farm prepared for all of the tasks that they will be asked to do, and if some of their clothing or personal belongings are damaged, they might not come back to volunteer again. Volunteers also face some confusion when they first arrive at the farm, since they do not know who they should talk to or what they should do.

This orientation video could provide volunteers with this information to provide a smooth transition for all involved when they arrive at the farm.


City Farm Project Team at class room Through several visits to the farm site, we were able to capture all of the needed footage for all of the elements of the video, and going to the farm at different times allowed us to include a good mix of volunteers and farm employees.

We used a Canon GL2 camera to shoot the farm footage.We also used various software throughout the preproduction and post-production process.

The software we used included: Celtx for storyboarding, Final Cut Pro for video editing and composing, and Soundtrack Pro and GarageBand for audio editing and music selection.

Behind the Final Products

City Farm Video Shot

The video features Andy Rozendaal, the Director of Urban Agriculture for the Resource Center, welcoming volunteers at the beginning and thanking them at the end of the video. The first part of the video provides detailed instructions on what volunteers should wear/bring to the farm, what volunteers should do when they arrive, what may be expected of them during their shift, and how they should navigate the farm.

At the end of the video, there is a brief recap that of the main points of information, with a humorous slant pointing out where volunteers can walk in the farm. The music selected for this video has a "folk/country" feel with the acoustic guitar and beat pattern, and it is also upbeat, which reflects the energy of the volunteers. This video will be available on City Farm's YouTube and Facebook pages and can be shown at the volunteer orientation meeting.

Production Contents