About Us

City Farm Project Team at class room In the Spring of 2010, graduate students in the New Media Studies program at DePaul University embarked on a community based service-learning project as a part of Michael Moore's Text + Image course. After exploring numerous options, the class chose to work with City Farm, a one-acre urban gardening initiative that grows and sells sustainable produce and provides volunteer and educational outreach to local residents.

The class evaluated the farm's needs and determined that we could help the farm to enhance its visibility in the community and extend its service message through the use of New Media tools. This portfolio documents our 10-week experience, from planning to execution, of putting together a comprehensive integrated media campaign for City Farm, a local non-profit organization.

City Farm Sign

There were four projects planned for the City Farm.
1. Invoicing System recomendation
2. Signage design
3. Social Media campaign
4. Volunteer Information Video

In this portfolio, these projects have dedicated pages that include process documentation and product samples. Each project page contains three sections: "Background," "Process," and "Behind the Final Products."

Working as a design team afforded us the opportunity to learn from each others' strengths, to experience a project-based learning environment, and to provide a client with a service they may not have in their budget.

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